BASIC Curriculum


This curriculum is a systematized set of instructional techniques for basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been adopted as the official curriculum at the Tri-force Jiu-Jitsu Academy. The curriculum consists of 30 lessons with a total of 150 techniques, with each lesson covering 5 techniques. The techniques have been carefully selected for complete beginners to learn in order to reach a certain level, and as you progress through the lessons, you will be able to use a wider range of techniques and knowledge, and experience growth. At Tri-force, this curriculum is positioned as a white belt to blue belt level curriculum. Other features are included as below.

1. Basic movements such as fighting-stance, break-fall(ukemi), and shrimp(hip movement)
2. Globally accepted technique names are used.
3. It specializes in the techniques of competitive jiu-jitsu and does not take a self-defense approach.

Basic curriculum lesson list (Revised 6/7/2018)

The instructor demonstrating
Mitsuhiro Shinoda