Lesson 30 Submission and defense全10本


Lesson 30 Submission and defense

1. Guillotine choke (standing and guard pull)
2. Guillotine choke defense (standing and guard pull)
3. Straight armlock defense (slip over)
4. Straight footlock
5. Straight footlock defense

In this lesson, you will learn some of the more important submissions and how to defend them, techniques that have not been included in previous lessons. The guillotine choke is a technique that can be used standing, on the ground, or when transitioning from one position to another. You will learn the basic attack and defense of the guillotine choke. There are many variations of leglocks. You will learn the most basic of them all, the straight footlock, and how to defend against it.

The instructor demonstrating
Mitsuhiro Shinoda

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