Lesson 8 Knee on belly全10本


Lesson 8 ニーオンベリー / Knee on belly

1. Control, mount transition
2. Straight armlock (far side)
3. Baseball collar choke
4. Cross choke
5. Straight armlock (near side)

The knee on belly is a position that combines mobility and aggression. It is easy to use both hands, and you can use your knee to apply pinpoint pressure on your opponent. When you take side control, you are in close contact with your opponent with your field of vision is limited, so it is sometimes difficult to find your opponents mistakes or induce escapes. With the knee on belly position there is space to move, so you can induce your opponent to escape. Then you can take advantage of your opponent's mistakes and get a submission.

The instructor demonstrating
Mitsuhiro Shinoda

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