Lesson 24 Turtle position (top)全10本


Lesson 24 Turtle position (top)  

1. Sprawl to back and back take (roll over)
2. Turnover technique
3. Clock choke (face down and upright variation)
4. Leg trap armlocks (straight and twisted variation)
5. Crucifix choke

In this lesson, you will learn techniques for attacking the opponent who is in the turtle position (on all fours). First, you will learn how to defend yourself when the opponent holds one of your legs. Once you have defended against that attack, you should not try to control the opponent from the front, but rather from the side or back. If you are unable to do so, you can use a choke, armlock, or turnover technique to gain side control.

The instructor demonstrating
Mitsuhiro Shinoda

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